Choices…Without a destination you just make one up. on Prezi

Above is an opening activity used in Goal-Setting workshops I facilitate.  It leads to a discussion and content about Goals; who sets them; who is responsible for them; and how are they used.

Without a specific Goal – defined as a what by when. People just choose what they feel is best, or they choose what those around that feel is right.

When goals are set organizationally and personally you must decide and define the problem being faced, if you have no problems there is not need to set a goal.

Problems start with something  you value and need or want that is not immediately available (Jacques; 1998) The value may come in delegated tasks from managers or just something that personally you want solve.

Once the problem is defined you must decide if you value the goal and solution. Values stem from your motivation and choice to accept the challenge or not; Either step you take will be in-line with your values and commitments. Once you value the the goal you will find requisite motivation to accomplish it.

Taking from Jacques method in Requisite Organization, Goals are what by when. Tasks are requisite steps to completion of the goal. Once the goal is specified then the work of formulating the tasks begins. The task is made of;

The What

  • Quality – to produce a specified output by standards that are set by you creating the tasks and (if applicable) your manager.
  • Quantity – How much of the quality product is to be created.

By When

  • Time Frame – targeted completion time. Which will vary depending upon you, the problem, relationship to the problem, time-span, and skill sets. This again is determined by you and (if applicable) your manager.
  • Resources – The things and people you have and can benefit you to complete the task within the time frame. These resources can vary from machines, people, processes, consultants, stake holders. The resources are also defined by you in reference to the Quality:Quantity:Time Frame and (if applicable) your manager.

Returning to Choices: You have choices and in order to solve problems that have value a clear understanding and system must be established.

Once the problem being solved has no value you will just choose what “feels right at the time” this creates missed deadlines and misery for you, because

  1. 1. you are not working in alignment with values and commitments
  2. 2. you are not clear on how you are evaluated and what is expected.

Once the goal is articulated and explained (by you to yourself or to you by your manager) with clear and distinct Quality:Quantity:Time Frame:Resources with a plan for follow up. You will feel concurrent with your values and commitments, because

  1. 1. you are taking accountability for the choice
  2. 2. clear and distinct understanding of what is expected and how to achieve it.


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special thanks given to;

First Steps – where I first encountered this idea

Tom Foster for introducing me Elliot Jaques work.