Leadership Niagara contracted with me to enhance and lead their one-year Leadership Development class. It’s been a great year, and we have learned and gained a great deal.

The class meets for 1.5 days in January, 1 day in February – May, 1.5 days in June, and 1 day a month from July – December.

In our last Leadership Session, I tried to bring the leaders through our year. Highlight the Buffalo Niagara, NY community leaders and the leadership content they learned and applied within their organizations and leadership practice. Below are the slides that we worked through as a class.

A consistent theme this year was taking the experience and leadership theory into a place of practice.
Leadership is adding value to the decision making and problem solving of others
In class discussions, coaching teams and feedback teams the leaders challenged each other and themselves to put their leadership differences to work in a way that matters to others and themselves.
Leadership is finding what is different Leadership Niagara Mike Cardus