Personality Assessments for work ( DiSC, MBTI, True Colors, etc… ) fall into the category of confirmation bias and Forer Effect…what I call BullShit

The Forer effect refers to the tendency of people to rate sets of statements as highly accurate for them personally even though the statements could apply to many people.

Written about this before:

Having discussions about this with Human Resources, Organization Development and other consultants. Many have their favorites and hold strong to the usefulness of assessments like DiSC, MBTI, True Colors, etc… Some even cite research showing the validity and will argue that “They have seen it work.”

When offered counter examples that the assessments do not work and are no more valid then horoscopes,  then I hear, “well it cannot hurt to know more about yourself and you team behaviors.”

DiSC, MBTI, Employee Behavioral Assessment are nonsence

It can hurt if, it is wrong!

Or used against you to get a job or promotion Or is costing the company $$ because they just bought an assessment that the sales person claimed will cure all your team problems.

The video above mentions the Forer Effect.


Try this and share your results
  • Just for experimental reasons take this personality assessment
  • Come back and share the type of personality you have. I am a QASW
  • After you have taken the assessment and shared your results read more about this assessment here

Now that you gone through that tell me, are the results you just got any different or better from others you have taken?

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