team building & leadership

While reading the passage below, change the word patients to leaders, companies, employees.

…patients that come to you, come to you because they don’t know exactly WHY they come. They have problems, and if they knew what they WERE they wouldn’t have come. And since they don’t know what their problems REALLY are they can’t tell you. They can only tell you a rather confused account of what they think. And you listen with YOUR background and you don’t know what they are saying. And then you need to do SOMETHING that induces a change in the patient…any little change, because the patient wants a change, however small, and he will accept that AS a change. He won’t stop to measure the EXTENT of the change. He will accept that as a change then he will follow that change and the change will develop in accord with his own needs…It’s much like rolling a snowball down a mountain side. It starts out a small snowball, but as it rolls down it gets larger and larger … and it becomes an avalanche that fits the shape of the mountain (in Gordon and Meyers-Anderson, 1981, pp.16-17)

Above is an example of the method used to create substantial change with organizations in the Create-Learning Leadership Coaching process.

Taking a small focused change effort with one leader, determining how we can and will measure the success, then continuing to explore and succeed in the change effort. This small change leads to larger changes within the leadership, and also those who are impacted by the leadership change.

Leadership Teams are organic working with leaders and people within a company they are interconnected so that when one change is made the entire organization knows and can feel the shift. This is true in any size organization. Once leaders begin to see and create change this snowballs into an avalanche of movement that fits the organizations culture, mission, values, purpose and prosperity.

What a leadership Coach can do is to be the catalyst the re-framer of the needed changes to cooperate with the organization and leader to find solutions. These solutions lead to monetary, as well as personal and work change plus satisfaction.


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