I have fallen in love with this video by Dr. Russel Ackoff.

He masterfully intertwines systems theory, quality management, and solution-focused thinking into a powerful 12 minute talk.

He shares the idea of “An improvement program must be directed at what you want. NOT what you don’t want.”

Talking with many Quality focused organizations when I mention this idea to them, they seem surprised. There is a need to focus on problems and identify defects…all that can be beneficial BUT if you cannot tell me how the system should be operating and how you want the people to work in that system, then there can be no improvement.

On to the Inquiry:

What would you do right now if you could do whatever you wanted to?

At about 9.38 into the video Ackoff raises this question, and it is brilliant. He follows with;

Because if you don’t know what you would do, if you could do whatever you wanted to. How in the world can you know what you would do under constraints?

Ask your team and self that question…what would you do, if you could do whatever you wanted to?

I would enjoy hearing your thoughts and responses.

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