Team Building & Leadership

One of the most valuable things I have learned is that organizations, teams, people want to do their best work.

In a workshop or consultation or coaching meeting, we can create a system-that-drives the desired behaviors. When people go back to the office and work, that’s when learning & change happens.

My promise to all the teams and people I Serve ♥

  1. Choose to do nothing; you will remain in the same place.
  2. Choose to try nothing different you will remain at the same place. 
  3. If I cannot communicate & deliver methods, tools, coaching that you find useful. Tell me, let’s work to find something better.
  4. We are in a relationship. We benefit from honesty, sharing successes & concerns.
  5. You have more knowledge & connection with your team than I do.
  6. Your output & learning are correlated to our finding pragmatic application of the content & tools in day to day work.
  7. The more the content & tools are used the more they evolve to fit your work.
  8. I’ll do all I can to make myself available. I want to meet & work with you.
  9. You have to be open & wish to meet + work with me.
  10. I care for your team. I promise you that I will put all my effort into working with you to achieve your goals.
  11. My job is to support you in doing your job. Work with me to show me how we can do that together.