I will be facilitating a workshop at the:

Buffalo Niagara

Solution-Focused Conference

July 16 & 17, 2014

The belief that the application of solution-focused methods and strategies can transform our work and the well-being of clients inspired us to develop this conference.

My workshop:

Putting Difference to Work- Using Solution-Focused Methods to Find What Works and Do More With It
  • Date and Time: July 17, 2014, 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm at UB Parker Hall, Room 214, 3435 Main St., Buffalo, New York

Overview: “Solution-Focused work is a negotiated, consensual, and cooperative endeavor in which the Solution-Focused practitioner works with people to jointly produce various ‘language games’ focused on a) exceptions, b) goals, and c) solutions.” – Steve de Shazer.

This highly-interactive training is for human service managers and administrators, as well as others, who want to use a positive approach to improve team and individual performance. The Solution-Focused method builds on differences that work, exceptions to problems, draws out people’s skilled-knowledge, and enables them to share it quickly- leading to faster results that last. Solutions-Focused coaching offers you a way of developing a team sustainably and systematically – even in turbulent situations. You will take away a set of new tools, techniques, and tips that you can apply immediately in your work.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain strategies and tools for improving the performance of teams and people;
  • Develop an innovative, proven approach to managing complexity and change;
  • Use a coaching model that can be applied to companies, teams, and individuals;
  • Learn tips and techniques for facilitating meetings;
  • Identify ways to help teams escape from complex and tense situations;
  • Use pragmatic techniques to shift the focus from what is not working to what is working (putting difference to work);
  • Use difference to change focus to cooperation and progress.
Hope you can attend and share what works!

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