M&T MDP Team Building and Leadership www.create-learning (104)

“The challenge of leadership on any level  – is to change continuously and, nevertheless, always remain together!” – Ichak Adizes

Teams grow & change.

Growth may align with personal, organizational or task growth.

As a team having awareness & preparedness for growth may help.

Growth takes pain, discomfort and hopefully learning from a new set of problems.
Questions to coach a team through growth:
  • How did the team get to where it is currently?
  • How did each team member manage to be a part of where the team is currently?
  • What did the team have to learn along the way?
  • What did each team member have to learn along the way?
  • What pace was ‘quick enough’ to keep the teams’ work/output sustainable?
  • What 1 to 3 things are needed to make progress?
  • Which is a priority right now?
  • Who can the team go to for help?
  • How will the team notice growth? How will team members notice growth?
  • What problems will detract us from making progress?
  • When those problems occur how will we make progress?
  • What indicators have we found useful to show that progress is being made?
  • Our next team experiment?
  • When will we meet to share what we learned?