SOLVED solution finding method executive coach michael cardus

Sitting in a hotel lobby in Baltimore Maryland in month two of a three month partner program with Project Ascent, coaching and facilitating a team building and leadership process for managers and supervisors at McCormick Spice…

I took some time to reflect upon the day.

Framing my reflection question: How could I have improved the participant application of the content to their work better today?

Going into my SOLVED Solution Finding Method Cards pulling 4 cards randomly;

  • What has happened for you to know that a solutions is needed?
  • WOW! Sounds like you made some progress, how did you manage that?
  • Describe something that is already successful for you?
  • All that is needed is one small step, once you take that step how will you evaluate success?

Mentally working through these questions gave me some insight into developing follow-up questions and recommended ideas for application that the managers and supervisors will try between now and next month.

Try it for yourself…Create a question that is useful to you and ask yourself the above 4 questions, let me know what you choose to-do.

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