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A challenge to Solution / Progress Focused action is the wish or desire for BIG THINGS to happen when you hire an expert to work with your team and you.

Big changes rarely happen instantly. While you are involved in the change your perception is an insider and the change may not even be noticed. This is when a focus on ‘what is working well?’ can be useful.

How can the team & people identify and create more positive change?

Below are 2 common task assignments that I’ve found work.

  • Take 10 minutes per day over the next 10 days to observe, so that you can describe in detail. What happens & what others + you are doing, when you are most proud of the work that the you are doing, that you want to continue to have happen into the future…
  • Between now and when we meet choose 5 random days and take 10-20 minutes to answer these 3 questions: write your responses and be ready to share when we meet.
    a.. What’s gone well in your company / team today?
    b.. What have you achieved that is significant, however small?
    c.. What have your people done to delight a customer or move an important project one step further forward? (the Solutions Focus)
What about the break downs and problems, don’t we need to identify what is not working?

Sometimes … The process with the Solution-Focused Coaching above is to identify what is working and put action into amplifying the change. Break downs and problems will happen and so will progress and breakthroughs.  Once we can identify what did the team + you do to make the breakthrough / progress happen we can focus on doing more of that and less of what does not work.

What do you think?

Share your responses and practice being Solution-Focused.

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