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Solution-Finding & Innovation Thinking is more than a set of tools. It is a different way of thinking and approaching your work. Plus, I enjoy finding and phrasing questions that break the stuckness in thinking.

Forced Narrative

  • Looking at what you want to have SOLVED,  move the problem and solution into a story with limited options.
  • It can be overwhelming to create a frame around a challenge. Forcing other people & yourself to share a narrative story using fixed resources, can break the stuckness & fear of the unknown. Using a limited frame & story structure allows a solution & progress focused move that is concrete & doable. That may be just enough to create a small shift that leads to bigger changes. 

For this I like using a set of Rory’s Story Cubes (seen in the picture above).

  • Roll the story cubes or just use the images on the cubes above.
From the images;
  1. create a narrative about the problem you are facing;
  2. create a narrative about what will be happening when the problem is absent or better or SOLVED;
  3. create a narrative about your immediate steps to see your solution happen.

What do you think?

Share your responses and practice being Solution-Focused.

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