Finding Solutions Through Tasks–Skeleton Keys

Direct Task Assignment: A recommendation for the person to complete a specific task and be thoughtful, so they can tell you in detail, what was useful and what change occurred from that task.

19 Coaching Questions When the person does not want coaching

Sometimes coaching is forced on an employee by their manager because they are having a tough time with a new position or their existing manager just does not know what to-do, and many other reasons.
Okay, when that happens what do you do as an executive coach?

Where are the deeper questions?

We think that “deep” responses come from “deep” questions, not true. Responses can be at the proper depth that the person answering the question feels is necessary, it has very little to do with the question.

What Coaching Questions Should I ask?

We’ve all heard it “You should be coaching your staff”. Then you walk away agreeing and thinking “I barely have time to do my own work never mind coach and do the work of my staff.” Agreed.