Innovation, Goal Setting, and Market Change – Business Weaknesses

Buffalo NY CEO’s are concerned about Innovation, Goal Setting and Assessment, plus Societal and Market Change. I recently attended the Buffalo Niagara Partnerships CEO’s Speak event. The talk shared survey data from 427 business leaders in all sectors; the Siena College Research Institute did the survey. An area of focus is the shifts or impacts … Continued

Complexity of the Work and the Person

Figure out what is needed & what success looks like in the role. Only then can you ask the proper questions to find the person to fill that role.
Too many organizations & managers get it wrong. They look for the person, assuming that they will “fit-into” the role or even worse that they have the “potential to grow into the role”.

Accountability and authority cannot exist in equilibrium

The notion that a team can define accountability & authority means that they know the outcome before it happens & have removed all ambiguity, judgment, innovation & human interaction from the work. That to me sounds like a robot path to disengagement.

Is your management Too Small or Big Enough?

We all have, a one time in our careers, had a manger who has less capable or as capable as us. While having a manager who has the same capability may sound nice, it creates tension.

VUCA workplaces purpose is the sun

The need to focus on purpose during periods of change and tumult will connect and create a focus on the shared & individual processes that are creating the required results. With purpose a system works. With a clear and consistent purpose the system-drives-behaviors that thrive in VUCA (Volatile; Uncertain; Complex; Ambiguous) environments.

Success take the stairs or ride the escalator?

Is this a metaphor for organization development, team building and managerial-leadership?
I think so…Sometimes the path of least resistance and limited friction works best.
Sometimes the need for effort and friction moves the organization, team and manager further.

How do you view rules?

This is an important concept in the world of organization development, teams, and managerial-leadership…Understanding how different people view rules and managements role in the rules informs our work ethic and idea of control over our work.

Organization Culture Change and Complexity

The greater your business and you can understand, handle and plan for complexity then the more likely the change that you want to have happen will happen.

Context of the Work Matters

Context sharing of the manager, manager’s manager and so on…is sharing the frame of reference with the person being delegated the task. By setting this frame of reference it allows people to see how their work fits into the bigger picture.

Charisma is NOT a replacement for Competence

Just because he is caring or exudes great charisma for the work does not mean that he has the competence to handle the position. Managers who are nice and caring BUT incompetent are dangerous to the organization.