The Team has Problems to The Team Has Solutions

We all have problems, every team has problems, every organization has problems I have not yet met a manager yet who doesn’t have problems…
The amazing thing about the amount of problems we face is that there are just as many solutions – some you have already found and some you just got to look for.

Creativity to Innovation Workshop w/ Syracuse University

Using a mixture of TRIZ, creative problem solving and brain based leadership models, the participants find solutions to existing organizational situations. The workshop is highly interactive and learner centered.

Team Building Images

Mouse Traps for Team Building: Using common resources for innovative solutions. What resources and processes does your team use everyday? How can these resources be used differently? What impact would innovation have on your team? 21 hoops stacked Teams are challenged to take existing resources and maximize their use. What resource is your team currently … Continued

Leadership for Creativity and Innovation

Here are some quick bullet points that Dr. Mumford stated are needed for effective leadership – I believe this is not just in creative organizations it is necessary for all leadership! * Roles Of The Leader: Promote Idea Development Bring the Right People Together Define a Viable Mission Ensure Effective Planning and Implementation Develop Organizational … Continued