Mindset Matrix of threat and opportunity

The mindset matrix is meant to be explored through your current mindset, and try to different approaches to break stuckness with your current problems.

Problem-solving when you do not know the root cause

In earlier posts, I shared some steps for identifying the problem using creative problem-solving, through exploring the current condition selecting a type of problem, Problem-solving is systematic, and organized into six stages: Identify the problem Select the type of problem Apply the analytical tools Define a specific problem Apply solutions tools Compile ideas and implement solutions … Continued

Innovation by understanding the current situation

In an earlier post, I shared some steps for identifying the problem using a creative problem solving or Leading Innovation process. This systemic process of problem-solving I often use to fight the desire of team and leaders to brainstorm. Brainstorming is usually carried out in a group situation, each member of the group suggesting ideas … Continued

Creative Problem Solving can innovation be patterned?

The need for Creative Problem Solving. Competitive demands require quicker, more effective and innovative problem-solving. Problem solvers are expected to quickly provide solutions to increasingly complex problems, develop and design new innovative products and processes – all while reducing research and development time and costs. To solve creative problems that require creative “out-of-the-box” thinking, we … Continued

Finding what works to amplify

Finding what works to amplify Often on Sunday, I am a little overwhelmed with the weekend, and the work week starts. While going through my plans I felt a bit stuck, do you ever think that way? Testing the SOLVED Cards process and enjoying the tangible feeling of coaching questions cards, I pulled these 6 … Continued

How to Think Differently to Drive Results–Creativity and Innovation Learning Series

Creating a connection between the community, your company and the people in the process is essential when trying to foster an environment for creativity & innovation. The Western New York region has a strong innovation background and many talented people who are poised to take your company and themselves to new levels of innovation success.

Strategic Planning and Team Building University at Buffalo New York

The outcomes from our Strategic Planning Time:
Develop thematic goals for the next 5 years;
Team building with the staff and faculty;
Create a shared history on successes and what got us to where we are;
Co-create a shared future and action steps to get to future goals