When you face a challenge, and have to solve a problem you need to figure out how to fix-it. Fix-it in a way improves upon what already exists and can prove useful to people besides yourself – that is how I define Innovation.

Innovation is a repeatable system-that-drives behavior in people, that are goal driven (by a Manager, themselves, or a customer), to fix an existing problem OR to fix an hypothesized future problem.

If you have no problems, you have no reason to innovate

These problems can be real you have to figure out a way to keep your pencil sharp or manufactured this is your iPad and Apple examples. It still fixes some problem, even if the customer is unaware they have that problem.

Most problems don’t require what is truly ‘outside-the-box’ solutions. Meaning most of what you are working on and need to innovate, you already have or have access to the needed resources, skills, and knowledge. You are just stuck in a way of thinking and need a path to become unstuck.

Check out the presentation above, try some of the ideas and let me know what worked.

 What do you think?

How do you define innovation? In what ways are you innovating solutions to fix existing or future problems?

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