Empathy – I can’t do that

In place of empathy, accept the conversation as all there is, and there is nothing behind or beneath the conversation.

Growth Mindset and Behavior Change

Video of 3-days of design thinking, team building and leadership work with over 200 SUNY Buffalo State College students. Growth Mindset and Taking Actions on Behavior Change: Students will reflect on current behaviors and gain feedback from others (extrospection) on which behaviors are helpful and hurtful to academic success. Students will articulate and develop a small action … Continued

Thinking Through Innovation With Canisius College

Canisius College’s Center for Professional Development and I are offering.
Thinking Through Innovation
A highly interactive skills course transferring creative ideas into innovative practices.

You are in Less Control Than You Think

This video is a great, showing how our unconscious mind is in more control than we think.

We all have an uncanny inflated sense of our own abilities, and tend to think that those who are not like us, think like us, act like us, drive like us, work like us, etc… are clearly wrong and irrational.