Entrepreneurship and feelings about change

The entrepreneur continuum of change-acceptance and change-resistance is constant. For a business to be successful and last there are four behaviors needed.

Attending a Training Does Not Equal Competency

If you are finding that people don’t know how to do what they are supposed to do & they went through training & development. Evaluate the training they received to ensure that it matches what they are supposed to do.

Excessive layers of Management Crush High Performance Teams

I Continue to see excess layers & honor promotions leading to made-up positions that only increase the bureaucracy and frustration of everyone in the organization.
What is hell is a ‘Deputy-Associate Vice President’?

What Criteria can be Used to Judge the Performance of People at Work?

An individual’s performance is the relationship between targeted output and achieved output. Personal effectiveness appraisals are judgments made by an individual’s manager about how well the subordinate has done in producing the outputs, taking into consideration all of the relevant circumstances.

What is Wrong with Performance Appraisals?

Every company seeks an alchemic formula that can turn a poor into a good and a good into a great performer. This happens with blind ignorance of the systemic messages being sent and how they contradict with the expectations.

3 Ways to Handle Conflict on Teams

All teams have conflict.
Team conflict can be a positive thing, if it is able to move the team forward. Team conflict can be a negative thing, if it holds the team back.

When conflict happens, deciding whether to Deal With It; Give In; or Hold Out; is a choice that you must make.

Work is Selling We are all in sales now

Work is selling and we all need to focus on persuading others to assist us in completing our work. Managers, especially, need to work to uderstand other perspectives. Plus an understanding that looking for certain personality traits in employees is a waste of time.

Manager you are NOT a Mind-Reader

Stop the madness! As a manager / team leader you are paid to do everything possible to help employees be as successful as they need to be.
Believing that you are successful and you know what others are thinking is self-destructive behavior.

Management and Team Leadership Is Telling People What To Do

The next time you find your staff and work team not doing what they are supposed to do. Ask yourself and your team Do you know what you are supposed to do? If the answer is no, tell them and you will be amazed at the results and at your talent as a manager and team-leader.