Complexity and Quality: Using the most appropriate problem-solving process

I shared some learning on problem-solving and complexity vs ordered change with the Buffalo ASQ Chapter. Effective leaders understand that problem solving is not a “one-size-fits-all” process. They know that their actions depend on the situation, and they make better decisions by adapting their approach to changing circumstances. How do you know which approach you … Continued

Demystification of Leadership Presentation

Presentation I gave at the ABWA Women’s Leadership Conference. The content is applicable to any organization, team and person who has leadership accountability attached to their role.
The Demystification of Leadership

How can we avoid poor team performance?

Two favorite images illustrating the need for Managerial-Leadership and Team Development systems to be used within companies. Great teams and managerial-leaders happen on purpose.

Favorites of 2011 Images Used in Team Building, Leadership, Innovation Workshops

Favorite Images Used in Workshops & Speeches 2011
In no particular order.
This proved to be more challenging than I thought it would have been! These are all from 2011 speeches, workshop and presentation I gave, while not comprehensive, they are my favorites.
Below each image is a link to the content.