With the end of the year approaching, this week is great to share some of my favorites of 2012.

Here is the schedule it may change;

Favorite Images Used in Workshops and Speeches 2012

This certainly became a daunting task.  With more travel, conferences and organization development, team development, consulting and coaching work supplied me with more ideas and inspiration to work with.

While not comprehensive, they are my favorites.

Below each image is a link to some content.


The Difference is the Point of Interaction



Management vs. Leadership. Like Two Unicorns Sexting

5 Levers for Employee Engagement_chart-001

The 5 Levers of Employee Engagement

Accountability for your work

Accountability. Who is held accountable for your work?

define the goal; where are you now; what got you there; what is your next step create-learning team building and leadership SOLVED Method

How far have you gotten? What worked to get you there? What does x+1 look like?

Delegation Setting the Foundation - Create-Learning Team Building and Leadership

Delegation – Setting the foundation of what is expected

Determining Capacity for work

5 Steps to Determine Competency in Work

how can my team be more innovative

Blocks to Creativity and Innovation. Tools to Release Creativity and Innovation

learning within organizations create-learning team building and leadership

Learning is least likely to occur the higher one goes in an organization

managers rob meaning

4 Ways Managers Rob Meaning From Peoples Work


Identifying the Solution 1st, Makes Things Easier

One Small Step for a Man Can Equal One Giant Leap For The Company

What Coaching Questions Should I ask?

Predict the work

How accurate are your predictions?

Problem to Solution

The Team / I have a Problem to The Team / I Have a Solution

Quick fixes to organizational effectiveness don't work

Your Quick Fixes are Exacerbating Your Organizational and Team Problems

Solution-Focused Leadership

The Solution is Not Necessarily Directly Related to the Problem

Successful teams will rise as high as the competence of the manager to manage and lead

Managing Complexity and Change Presentation

understand and solve 2 Steps for Change: Understand the Situation, Develop Solutions

Values   Collaboration

If You Value Something You Are Motivated To Pursue It

What makes a good manager

Demystification of Leadership Presentation

Trust and Accountability within teams. Create-Learning Team Building and Leadership

Trust and Accountability within Teams

useful to you

Within Teams Everything is Useful. You Just Have to Determine, how it is useful to you.

Too many people on the bus. Good to great right seat right people just too many. Creating an organizational disaster of distrust. www.mikecardus.com

Right Bus, Right People, Right Seats? Why Your Organization and Team are Still Unproductive.


Making Progress Motivates Workers

What an amazing year 2012 was! Looking forward to meeting and working with your team and leaders in 2013.

Team Building Leadership Innovation Expert Michael Cardus

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