Innovation from personal mastery

At any given moment all of us, whether in work, personal relationships, or anywhere else in life, are Rote Copying, Surface Understanding, and Personally Mastering many things and many times at many levels.

Psychological Safety is Team Building

The team leader is accountable for establishing comfort with the work and team members. They can establish this early by setting the following conditions for team members to feel comfort in the work and reciprocal helping relationship of the team.

Rumors Backstabbing and Gossip in the Workplace

Some teams and managers create environments where backstabbing, shit-talking, and gossiping are the norm.
They do this, with the best of intentions – and are guilty of hiding their eyes, ears and mouths from the reality they are seeing.
You can do something about it.

3 Reasons Your Team Behaves Like Jerks

A team-member without a clear understanding of accountability and authority within the team will have to be skilled at either persuading, forcing or bullying other team-members into working along to accomplish the goals.

Team Building Grounded in Reality or Activities?

There is two Extremes in the Corporate Team Building World. 1. Team Building should focus on real problems and be anchored in reality. 2. Activities and Simulations are a waste of time.

Complexity of the Work and of the Person Match the two Magic Happens

Figure out what is needed & what success looks like in the role. Only then can you ask the proper questions to find the person to fill that role.
Too many organizations & managers get it wrong. They look for the person, assuming that they will “fit-into” the role or even worse that they have the “potential to grow into the role”.

The Organizational Assessment Said we Need Communication Training

For organizational change to work and the assessment that the company just did to be worth the paper it is printed on the Abstract Concepts of the Assessment must be put into practical application of the work. Otherwise you are just exacerbating the problems by causing more problems.

Learning is least likely to occur the higher one goes in an organization

It should be noted that in most organizations mistakes tend to be concealed even from those who make them. The likelihood of such concealment increases with rank or status. Therefore, the higher the rank, the greater the claim to omniscience. This implies that learning is least likely to occur the higher one goes in an organization.