The Organizational Assessment Said we Need Communication Training

For organizational change to work and the assessment that the company just did to be worth the paper it is printed on the Abstract Concepts of the Assessment must be put into practical application of the work. Otherwise you are just exacerbating the problems by causing more problems.

Learning is least likely to occur the higher one goes in an organization

It should be noted that in most organizations mistakes tend to be concealed even from those who make them. The likelihood of such concealment increases with rank or status. Therefore, the higher the rank, the greater the claim to omniscience. This implies that learning is least likely to occur the higher one goes in an organization.

Should team members be friends?

Friendship on teams happens by making myself an effective team member, one who is dedicated to being a team member as opposed to making myself desirable for membership within the team.

Making the Decision on how the Team Decides

Managing and working on teams the procedures being used must be known, shared and understood. What are often seen as ‘personality conflicts’ are usually just people with unknown procedures on how to accomplish the work.

Excessive layers of Management Crush High Performance Teams

I Continue to see excess layers & honor promotions leading to made-up positions that only increase the bureaucracy and frustration of everyone in the organization.
What is hell is a ‘Deputy-Associate Vice President’?