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4 Steps for a Successful Corporate Team Building Program

We all want to do our best and what stops this from this happening are systems within our lives and work that we cannot see or navigate around at that time. Team Building, when done properly, has the opportunity to show us the path to do our best work.

Shifting the Team from Separate Functions to Systems Thinking Case Study

Using real work for Team Building moved the people on the team;
from functional autonomy to interdependence;
from lone experts to a collaborative, focused team;
from impulsive to disciplined;
from the use of experience and instinct to the use of data;
from separate functions to systems thinking.

What happens when the team stops working and how can I fix it?

It happens to most teams: at some point, the team doesn’t seem to be working as well as it should. You may have a nagging suspicion that things could be more efficient…or it may be very obvious that the work just isn’t getting done.

What makes a team building activity useful?

I like using activities for Team Building and Leadership Development.
Sometimes wondering if they are the best tool to use at the time and what else could be used to get the message and development across?

How can I get useful ideas through to management?

“These guidelines suggest what you can do when you’re a lonely little low-ranking, cubicle-inhabiting, systems-thinking petunia trying to introduce a new philosophy of leadership to those rooted in the onion patch of an obsolete managerial philosophy.”

The Team is Struggling What do we do NOW?

Sometimes focusing on now is what you need to get through your past and future. Plus if someone on the team did not ask, What do we do now? it may have had a different outcome.

8 Guidelines for Leadership Coaching and Team Building Activities

The guidelines align with team building & executive coaching activities. Illustrating through activities a team and person develop exceptions and see ‘what works’ in a context they’re not used too and is still familiar because they just made it happen.