3 metrics of team performance

Team performance comes from 3 measurement areas. High performing teams meet expectations, want to stay together, and learn new skills.

Team Performance Webinar by Mike Cardus

Teams that are high-performing and produce consistent results come from a purposeful process and method that includes both behaviors and tasks.

Bad Apples and TeamWork

A growing body of research suggests that having just a few nasty, lazy or incompetent characters around can ruin the performance of a team.

3 Reasons Your Team Behaves Like Jerks

A team-member without a clear understanding of accountability and authority within the team will have to be skilled at either persuading, forcing or bullying other team-members into working along to accomplish the goals.

How Does the Team Maintain Improved Performance?

Steps to Maintain Team Performance.
Reinforce the hard work of the people, the team, and management;
Slow the team down to examine evidence of progress and setbacks;
Supply the team with concrete steps to work on. Keeping the vagueness to a minimum, making progress on work that is meaningful.

S-Curve Trend of Team Development

As teams develop and improve their performance over time a s-curve pattern emerges. In this video Michael Cardus shares the S-Curve for Team Development and references it to developing high performance teams.