Problem Solving Stop the why

The ‘5 Whys’ can be useful. Identifying the possible root cause can get things started…the next logical step to create a solutions bank.
I have found that it is easier and people on the team move with greater enthusiasm and collaboration when you ‘Start With What’ and determine the solution in the first step.

Innovation Tools Part 1–Nine Windows

Understanding and various uses of Nine Windows, a TRIZ inventive problem solving tool, and Use of Nine Windows to break “stuckness” in thinking and view solutions from a systemic level.

Think Create Share Team Building and Innovation Activity

Outcomes & Objectives:
– To break “stuckness” in thinking
Create breakthrough ideas rapidly;
– Generating new ideas and improving existing ones;
– Framing ‘what success will look like’ for the day;
– Framing ‘what did we do that was useful & how can we apply these ideas’ at the conclusion of an innovation process.