All team building consultants and facilitators have a ‘Will Not Do’ list – whether they keep it inside their head or they share it…we all have some activities and simulations we will not do.

This happens for a variety of reasons.

Here are some team building activities that are on my ‘Will Not DO’ list:

There may be more and that is what I can think of right now.

What would you add, and why?

Team Building is effective when is relates back to how the work gets done and examines the organizational and team systems-that-drive behaviors. While many talented team building facilitators can point to how the activities can improve team performance, we all have our own styles and perceptions of what works.

I recall an email exchange I had with Laurie Ruettimann of ‘The Cynical Girl’ (formally Team Building is for Suckers!) about using ropes and activities with High Potential employees. She just responded I’m paraphrasing here “Don’t use ropes with High Potentials use real organizational case studies and their experience and knowledge” I sort of  agree

Teams and people on teams need real examples of how to do their work and sitting in each others lap is not a close enough approximation.

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