Occasionally I create a Team-Building program agenda that is good enough to share. Below is the Day-1 ‘Kick-off’ program to 4 months of work I will be doing with an IT Leadership Team. The kick-off is meant to be fun and informative, plus allow me to determine specific areas and strengths that I can offer to the Directors over the next 4 months in coaching and consulting meetings.

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IT Leadership Director Team Building & Leadership Agenda – Kick-Off

This is a proposed agenda and may / will change on the program day.

  • Who ~30 IT Directors
  • What Kick-off meeting with ~30 IT Directors. Focus on increasing Trust (within the IT Dept and between IT and other department); Accountability (determining where accountability belongs and creating a culture of that is accountable); Working within the Matrix (using the teams existing knowledge and know-how to improve their existing work and to offer input to the Management team on how to improve their work)
  • Groupings Mixed Teams & Functional Teams
  • Measurement Each IT Director will have working knowledge of the ‘7 Steps to High Performance Teams’ this will be illustrated through content discussions about the model and each director determining where an existing team in on a project and steps to move the team to the next step. Additional content will be shared on Team Development and Management.

Additionally the IT team will co-create areas of strength and areas to focus on for continued growth. We will use this co-creation to develop future programs and facilitated work sessions.

Supplying each IT Director with tools and content that can be used immediately with work teams.

Chief-Technology-Officer CTO, and Human Resources Business Partners within the IT Team and Mike will serve as the Accountability-Team to check-in and coach the directors for completion of the 100 day action plans

IT Leadership Program Agenda




Mike Cardus arrives for set up

A blank puzzle piece will be placed on the table along with a content packet and the ‘Detailed Data Discovery’ question sheet.


Participants arrive and network

As people arrive there will be a Welcome Slide and a request that they complete as much information as they feel comfortable on the Detailed Data Discovery Sheet and be prepared to begin by 9:05


CTO – Why are we here? What are the expected outcomes (big picture) of this? Why now? How does this fit into the larger strategic goals?


Introduce Mike Cardus

9:20-9:40 – mixed groups

Detailed Data Discovery

o People learn about each other

o Have some laughs and create an environment of learning and enjoyment.

o Explore topic of working in teams, creating small cultures within the larger culture, and sharing how each team accomplished the challenge.


Content talk about:

o 4 psychological needs of people on teams http://mikecardus.com/team-building/4-conditions-for-improved-team-work

o Interaction of culture on teams and systems-drive-behavior.


Choices – Without clarity on the end goal you just make one up and that is not good.

o Opening discussion about need for clear organizational goals, project goals, and individual goals

o Discussion of how team goals need individuals who are responsible for their work + Team Leaders (Project Manager’s) who are accountable for the coordination of results.

Discussion about goals for today and the next 4 months what IT Leadership Team Expects and ideas for achievement.

Activity can be seen http://mikecardus.com/manager-training/goal-setting-solving-problems-in-line-w-values-commitment … the ppt will be used



10:45-11:05 – mixed teams

The mixture will create discussions about Org, dept and ind each mixed team will see how IT Leadership Team fits together.

What’s the company’s goal? How does your department fit into that? How does your role fit into that?

o Processing into developing goals, sharing goals, and placing goal in context to IT teams.


11:05-12:00 – Mixed Teams

From Simple to Complex team building activity

o Progression from individual to large team

o Exploration of challenges and benefits of different team sizes

o Beginning talk of accountability and defining Goals; Roles; Procedures; Interpersonal Behaviors (GRPI)

o Tie back to IT and project work within the organization.




Not sure maybe mixed maybe functional

Hoopdom – small team competition fun and competition

o Examining goals, roles plus procedures for teams

o How to work with existing resources

o Learning from other teams


Puzzle Piece

o Each participant will be asked to create a visual representation (somehow) of why they are a part of the IT Leadership Team and what skills-knowledge they add to the team.

They can work on it more during the break

1:40-2:00 – Mixed Groups

7 Steps to High Performance Teams’ Model Assembly


High Performance Teams Discussion




Looking at the 7 Steps to High Performance Teams Model – choose a single project you are working on now; Determine where the team is and some ideas to move them to the next step.

3:15-3:30 – Mixed Teams

Puzzle Piece Assembly

Teams will get into small groups share their responses and how they completed the puzzle piece and assemble their pieces together. Then the smaller teams will share a combined story, and add their pieces to the larger IT Leadership Team Puzzle.

3:30-3:45 – Functional Teams

Distinctive : Working Well : 100 Day Future Perfect


This will be used as their between workshops projects. Mike will type up the notes from all the teams, email them to HR Business Partners – they will share the 100 day ideas with the team members and ask them to follow up with action plans and implementation for 100 day improvements. This may already be happening …and it will be a nice way to tie together the future programs.


CTO has some parting words


Pluses and Deltas – what’s next? and goodbye.



For you Team Building nerds – What do you think of the agenda? What would you have done the same / different?


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