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point of interaction between manager and employee

This image above explores the differences between an organizational structure with no managerial-leadership coaching and an Organizational Structure WITH managerial-leadership coaching.

The image on the right reflects the ‘Cascade-of-Planning’ model or Lean Manufacturing the Hoshin Kanri used in the Toyota Production System. The difference is where the manager and subordinate interact.

WITHOUT Coaching
  • Interaction happens in limited time-frames and generally only when something goes wrong.
  • Accountability is forced down the hierarchy, and the idea of failure, development, and growth is often frowned upon.
  • Management is quick to blame employees and see the ‘people as broken.’
With Coaching
  • Interaction is regular and expected. Once the manager is accountable for the subordinate’s output, then give-and-take must happen in task delegation and work being accomplished.
  • Accountability is on the Manager to ensure that subordinates are working to their effectiveness. Improvement in decision-making and problem-solving leads to improved innovation and work of the team.
  • Management can examine the process-system that the work is being done in and determine what stops this person from doing their best.

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Inspired by Toyota Kata