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Solution-Focused – executive, management and team coaching is all about practical applications.

In preparation for a kick-off meeting, beginning almost 24 months of work, with a new organization I used the SOLVED method to determine how to make the meeting better.

  • What do I want to have happen?
  • When that happens how will I know? What will be my reaction and actions towards the participants when that happens?
  • In what ways will the meeting participants show that this is happening?
  • On a scale of 0 – 10; with 10 being this meeting happens as I expect and 0 being the opposite, where am I right now?
  • What have I already done that is keeping me at that level?
  • When at x+1 what am I be different?
  • What is working well enough?
  • In the past, when faced with similar situations what was successful?
  • How did I make that happen?
Decisions and Direction
  • What steps and decisions can I make now, that will improve the meeting?
  • What clues will I notice?
  • How will others see these clues?

BTW the meeting went well, and we are all excited about the program.

Working by yourself and with your team through the questions above will develop a better meeting that people are happy to attend.

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The SOLVED method works because it is built upon using the resources already available to you and of your team.

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