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Consulting & coaching a company to develop an internal Talent Pool Development & Mentoring Process. We were at the point when the people who lead this process have 1 on 1 meetings with staff. I received an email & phone call with an urgent tone, “Mike, what do I ask people in our 1st coaching meeting?’

After 12 months of working with this internal Talent Pool Development Team I did not prepare them with the starting tool of what questions to ask in the initial meetings. I quickly made the list below and emailed it off to them. They found it helpful to start the conversation, I hope you do also.

Possible 1st meeting questions.
  1. What is your role in the company?
  2. How long have you been here?
  3. Share (1 to 3) goals that you are currently tasked to accomplish?
  4. What is your day like?
  5. How did you get to your current role in the company?
  6. What is distinctive (or special) about what you do?
  7. What is the most complicated (or complex) part of your role?
  8. What is the longest goal or objective you have accomplished within the company? (days, months, years, decades)
  9. How often do you meet with your team?  What are those meetings like?
  10. How often do you meet with your direct manager? What are those meetings like?
  11. Who defines goals / objectives for your work?
  12. Who adds the most value, to you personally, to make decisions & solve problems you have never experienced before?
  13. Do your goals align with the company’s strategic plan?  Are you aware of the company’s strategic plan? How often is strategic plan reviewed with staff?
  14. List 3 things that are working well (do not need any changes).
  15. List 3 things that are not working well (need immediate change).
  16. As the company currently stands we have the people, processes, and product to be sustainable for the next 10 years. 0 (not at all) —— 10 (absolutely) What evidence do you have to support your response?
  17. Currently, my most pressing challenge is _____________.
  18. I will know this process is helpful when _______________.
  19. If I could fix/change/improve/ just 1 thing for you personally within the company what would it be? When that thing is fixed what will you notice is different or better?
  20. In the past, when working on team projects, I gained the most value from the team when ________________________________________.
  21. In the past 2 years my team or I have gone through a major change. 0 (not at all) —– 10 (absolutely) Briefly describe the change.
  22. What can I do to support your work?