Dear You,

If everything was operating smoothly and the team was ideal you would not have contacted me.

Why did you reach out to me in the first place?

It was not because you have reached or even knew of the ideal state.

What I will do is move you and the team to success…if things were “going great” then all of this is irrelevant.

The focus is not on the staff…the focus is on systems, management and improvement; You can replace everyone in the team and the same problems will repeat themselves; Unless we examine the systems to determine what is driving these behaviors.

That comes from Top Management and determining solutions.

When new management + staff join the organization…The induction period the first 3-30 days will decide future success; WHY they are here? What their potential fit is? and whether others will accept them?. The induction process will either create;

    • Purpose
    • Team Identity
    • Membership

or if left un-resolved will create

    • Disorientation
    • Uncertainty
    • Fear

This is the time when things are changing, you are re-structuring and the future is being determined to add value to the team.

Go through what I already sent (Planning a Change, Goal Setting, Coaching for Performance, Time-Span & Hiring).

Answer these 5 questions;

    1. What is the target condition? (the challenge)
    2. What is the actual condition now?
    3. What obstacles are now preventing you from reaching your target condition? Which one are you addressing now?
    4. What is your next step?
    5. When can we go and see what we have learned from taking that step?

As I have said from the beginning – I am here to see you be successful…and yes I want the business and yes it does cost money and yes it does take hard work and yes I really do care.