Processing Team Building Using Mouse Traps

I am a fan using mouse traps for a variety of team building and training initiatives. Where the value of team building becomes evident is in the processing and internalizing of what was learned. Utilizing an active reviewing method (as opposed to a passive process which is question & answer) aids people in creating brain based connection from the team building activity to their work, lives, community, etc…

Trapping Learning Requires Questions

Every Team Building & Leadership program engages people and learning on different levels. The challenge is how to retain and transfer the ideas, skills, and plans into action?
This requires a trap! The video illustrates a processing & reflection based initiative. Active processing works to take an existing idea, combine it with a new skill and develop a connection within your habits and brain.

Words Frame Reality

So this week I felt the need to share something that I know is a challenge and we as professionals need to continually focus and strive towards mastery on. The use of clear and distinct language that is understood by those you are talking with, your peer group, and you…

Team Building Images

Mouse Traps for Team Building: Using common resources for innovative solutions. What resources and processes does your team use everyday? How can these resources be used differently? What impact would innovation have on your team? 21 hoops stacked Teams are challenged to take existing resources and maximize their use. What resource is your team currently … Continued

I am right you are wrong can we have an open discussion

The issue starts when, for some crazy reason (which is not so crazy) we feel a need to prove that our view is the right one, while at the same time saying and truly believing you want to have an open discussion.