This team building & leadership activity accomplishes two things

  1. Has content that is appropriate to the audience and can be easily transferred into their work and personal lives
  2. Connects ideas that already exist in one context kinds of cereal and introduces a second context leadership, then re-introduces both concepts in a new and exciting way.

Experiential Greatness!

Management Continuum

Ideas for use within a team-building / leadership development process
  1. Show the image
  2. Talk about a continuum of leadership
  3. Ask people to move to where they feel most comfortable in their leadership. On the Far Left side are the Results Orientated Leaders ——– Far Right side is the Fun Orientated Leaders. If you are not keen on either end, choose along the continuum where your leadership style fits.
  4. Take a moment and look at yourself in relation to the other leaders in the room
  5. Choose a partner who is closest to you – and take 2 minutes to discuss why you opted to stand where you did.
  6. Ask if anyone wants to share what they spoke about.

OR perhaps it could be used to process an initiative based on leadership learning.

For example, after completing Corona of Convergence – show the image and ask people to stand according to where they felt the person who was the assigned leader was according to the continuum. This would be a way for the individual who was the designated task manager to get some visual and then verbal feedback on their leadership role.

What other ways could this be used?

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