SOLVEDcards problem solving using solution-focused to make progress on meaningful work, innovation.

How often do you feel stuck? 

When you are confused and not sure what your next step might be, what works for you? 

What works best when your team is stuck and is looking to you for some ideas and support? 

SOLVEDmethod solution-focused coaching

Since developing the SOLVEDmethod and SOLVEDcards, I’ve shared the solution-focused questions and process with many leaders and teams. 

The SOLVEDcards work when you feel stress or that your problems are unsolvable, or you just need to identify a unique or helpful next step. Taking out the SOLVEDcards and randomly choosing a card from each of the SOLVEDmethod (Situation, Observation, Level, Validation, Exception, Decision & Direction) will help you make meaningful progress. 

Here is a short video of me, being stuck, and using the SOLVEDcards to help me: 

  1. Identify what I would like to happen, and when that is happening, how I will recognize what is better. 
  2. What is already working well and how others + myself supported that progress. 
  3. Six small, easy things I can complete this week that will bring me closer to what I want to happen. 

When you use the SOLVEDcards, you can breathe, identify what worked, and see what you can do next. In essence, your stress decreases, and your solutions become tangible. 

SOLVEDcards in this video: 
  • Situation – describe what you want to have happen? 
  • Observation – It’s three days from now – you have solved this problem. Who would be the first person to notice? What would they notice? What else would they observe? 
  • Level – On a scale of 2 – 10, what would you do differently to qualify yourself at a 9? 
  • Validation – When faced with challenges in the past, how did you make progress? 
  • Exception – Where are you currently making progress? Describe all the details. 
  • Decision & Direction – Think about what you’ve shared. What had been useful for you? 
mike cardus solved cards deck


Make change happen with a problem-solving approach that’s focused on solutions.