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When your manager, employee, you are the proper fit for your role amazing things happen.

When your organization develops a system that opens your ability to flourish and do your work, without your manager and / or staff being too close or too far – amazing things happen.

You see others and they see you for the talented, capable person you are. The positive attributes of your personality are highlighted because you are comfortable and able to add real value to the work of others and yourself.

When we have someone who is competent in their role and has the proper organizational system to allow them to work to their capacity and be supported in their work two things happen.

  1. People are happy to follow along together
  2. From the feeling that they actually want to follow arises another feeling; that the person is endowed with certain great personal leadership qualities.

In other words…with the right organizational circumstances where a person who is competent in their role with leadership accountability, people progress together; the progression together touches the deep-seated value for social cohesion.

We become suffused by warm feelings that we tend to associate, incorrectly, with behavioral traits in leaders rather than with effective competence.

This is why I continue to work to add value to your work and make organizations, teams, managerial-leaders, people…better.

Let’s work together to make things better.

  • What makes you continue to do your work?
  • If you could redesign your role, how would you redesign it?
  • What is one small-step and / or change you can make to improve the work life of others and yourself?


People join companies, and leave managers… Be the reason people stay with your company

Companies and Leaders use Create-Learning’s Exponent Leadership Process to develop the professional, organizational, and emotional skills to be the manager that people look to as the reason to remain with your organization.

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