The difference between goals and solutions are clear. Goals are what you want in relation to the problem, while solutions are what you want independent of the problem.

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In an interview I was asked what pleases me most about delivering Solution Focus to individuals and organizations?
  • Solution Focus places the person and me on a team. A team that is serving their goal. We see their goal (what they want to have happen when the problem is absent) and my goal (supporting them to achieve their goal) as the client. So, we work together to serve a shared client.
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The diagram attempts to visualize this.

The red arrows represent areas of resistance that may occur the goal is unclear, the person is not respected as the expert they are, trust is lost in the process and/or person.

The green arrows represent areas of cooperation that may occur when the goal & solution is established, all people are respected as the experts they are, trust is continued through the process.

Once Workable Goals are established by the person who desires the change can trust teamwork and progress happen.

What do you think?

How is the diagram useful? What examples of resistance / cooperation can you share?

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