Facilitating Team Building and Managerial Leadership workshops, people  ask,

“this is great stuff and where do we start?”

With some goal.

Remaining Engaged and Self-Directed stems from goals that are known, shared and bound.

Managers accepting and being accountable for the output of subordinates… if you are a manager / project manager / team leader you know what you are supposed to do and be able to frame what others are supposed to do.

For you to be do your best you must know what to put your best towards.

With either scenario manager and team member not knowing what you are supposed to do, and having unclear goals will most likely push you into other-directed behavior.

Resulting in victimhood and revenge;

Neither is good for you, the team, management and the organization.

Self-Directed Other Directed teams and leaders

Agreed goals are important, now what?

Working in Baltimore Maryland leading a series of Team Building & Leadership workshops to Supervisors and Managers, I asked them to complete the following field-work between our sessions.

They found it helpful and that is why I am sharing it with you.

Using the ‘Goal Setting and Time Span’ content shared in the Last Session complete this field assignment.
  1. Meet with your manager (if you have not already) and complete the field assignment.
  2. Develop your top 2 or 3 goals for the year in the Quality; Quantity; Time Frame; Resources model.
  3. Determine what about those goals have to be completed in part by the Supervisors.
  4. Meet with your subordinate Supervisor(s) and work with them to define 2 to 3 short term, less than 3 months goals (that align with your managerial goals)
  5. Determine how you will measure and follow up.
  6. Then check in daily, weekly and see how they are doing on the goals and how you can assist them in completing the goals. This should be written in your manager performance system.
  1. Now that you have goals that are achievable and you know the follow-up system, the challenge is how to translate those goals into your work and the work of your team.
  2. Take your 3 months (or less goals) and determine how to break that into smaller pieces (weekly, daily, hourly) to the individuals on your team.
  3. Once you assign the smaller piece to the team, establish a set follow-up time to check in and see how the work is progressing. Keep it simple. This can be written in your management performance system.
  4. Reinforce any and all positive completion and desired behaviors that align with the goals established.

In what ways do you remain self-directed and accountable for the work you need to complete? How clear are you on what is expected?

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