Leadership isn’t easy — especially when you have to lead different people with different life experiences. And most of the conventional wisdom about leadership is downright wrong at best and business-destroying at worst. I had a great time on the Results Leader Podcast.

Here Are The Show Highlights:
  • Why humility is like a tapeworm that keeps you motivated and hungry (even if you’re ultra-successful) (9:07)
  • How trying to fix your team member’s problems demolishes both of your self-esteem (9:55)
  • The “go with the flow” method of persuasion that makes your skeptical team members happy to do your bidding (14:20)
  • Why committees are as deadly as communism to your business (16:54)
  • How encouraging the biggest cynics on your team transforms them into your best employees (18:44)
  • Toyota’s “2×2 Lean System” that delivers predictable and repeatable results with whatever you try (20:55)
Power Quotes:
  • “Embarrassing someone to come to a truth makes them resent you.” – Mike (6:39)
  • “Trying to solve other people’s problems makes you become the problem.” – Mike (9:57)
  • “People don’t like when you force your ideas on them.” – Mike (14:10)
  • “Committees make things worse.” – Mike (16:57)
  • “Embrace the heretics on your team.” – Mike (19:38)
  • “The more you expose yourself to new ideas, the stronger you get.” – Mike (33:10)
leadership is about embracing differences and listening