After posting on my FaceBook page “The problem with networking is, I hate it” and seeing many people who feel that same way.

Made me think of this Solution-Focused Coaching chart above, and how many things I do that are really not useful BUT I continue to do them expecting different results.

Many teams and managers do this, you follow advice from someone or are convinced that X is useful, and Y did X so therefore it will work for me.

That makes sense.

Until you do it and it does nothing.

You keep doing it thinking “perhaps I am not doing it right” and try again…Still finding it not useful and frustrating. Spinning yourself in a doom loop.

Thinking I must be the problem, when in reality it was just not useful to you and it is OK to STOP IT!

What do you think?

How is the chart above helpful to you? If you find something to not be useful, and you can describe what you need to have happen for it to be useful…what small steps can you take to make it more useful?

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