As a manager, developing staff is your job. It cannot be delegated off to Human Resources, Organization Development or someone else. You are the manager. Your primary accountability is to add value to the team and staff.

training and development belongs to the direct manager not human resources and training

Too often managers and executive teams delegate or task off any and all training and development to the Human Resources staff. Then they are disappointed when their staff goes to a training and does nothing different.

The ownness for developing staff, especially managers that report to managing-directors, executives and other managers, belongs to the persons direct manager.


Juli is an exceptional Senior Project Manager that is accountable for the output and work of 10 Project Managers.

Juli, as a Senior Managerial-Leader, is accountable for developing the 10 Project Managers, it is NOT the role of the Human Resources training department.

  • The HR training department is in a service-giving and advisor role-relationship to her. They are there to supply services and specialized advice; For example, what training courses are offered and what to send them on.

She should be judging subordinate managerial-leaders and coaching them individually (judgment of individual effectiveness and coaching are key management functions, this applies to the team and individuals).

  • She must make them aware of the context of her work, her intentions of their improvement and the expected benefit from the training. Overall she should convey the importance and usefulness of being a better Project Manager and exercising leadership.

After the training and development course there should be a meeting and discussion on a one-to-one basis covering:

  • The intention of the training and development program.
  • What was learned?
  • How do you intend to apply what you have learned to the department,  team and work?
  • What broader lessons were learned that might benefit the department and company?
  • What support can I offer, as your manager, to help you put the training into practice?
  • What more training and development do you need?

Three months later, Juli and the Project Mangers should meet again, check for progress, offer positive reinforcement and active follow-up.

Juli needs to give Human Resources and the training specialists feedback on the course and program they recommended.

As a manager developing staff is your job. It cannot be delegated off to Human Resources or someone else. You are the manager, and your primary accountability is to add value to the team and staff.