Process of Team Problem Solving

  1. Select the team
  2. Name the issue
  3. Clarify the issue
  4. Brainstorm solutions
  5. Red team solutions
  6. Select an idea
  7. Testing
  8. Doing
  9. Evaluation

Team Problem-Solving contains several steps, which, if followed in sequence, will yield predictable results. Some actions may be more important than others, given specific problems.

For example, some problems are apparent, so that that clarification may be simple. Other problems may hold unknown root causes that require diligent exploration to clarify the issue and all its dimensions.

Clarify the Issue Methodology

Outcome, Feedback, How, Opportunity

How to Complete

Write and share the problem you are looking to solve

As a team, discuss, listen, and document responses to the questions in each box in the following order

  1. Outcome – What do we want to have happen?
  2. Feedback – How can we learn from each other?
  3. How – How is our work better when this is solved, or the problem is decreased?
  4. Opportunity – What opportunities can we notice, create, or develop from this?

The team is having a solution-focused conversation to better clarify the issue or problem and identify what data and solutions will support progress.

The conversation is essential; let the team talk, and do not force agreement or too much consensus.

Take notes or ask the team to write their responses in the boxes.


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