Skill and Talent NOISE Analysis

When I developed the NOISE analysis is was to present a solution-focused alternative to SWOT. And, since then, people have shared with me other uses and ideas that they have tried.

When a vice president of a company called me and mentioned that they wanted to use the NOISEanalysis as a way for employees to look at their personal skills and talents, I thought, sure, let’s see how we can do this.

The company gave me a team of 4 people, and we met, talked, played, and figured out a way to make some changes to the NOISEanalysis language to be more individual. Here is the template we developed.

DOWNLOAD the NOISE skill and talent analysis template

NOISE analysis for skill and personal development mike cardus

NOISE analysis skill/talent development template

Within the company, 106 employees complete this NOISE skill/talent document. We developed a qualitative report to show trends and opportunities for investing in changes and learning and development.

The outcomes and benefits were:
  1. Each person now has a detailed skill and talent development plan, and they can meet with their manager to discuss changes, AND attend workshops, classes, gain certifications that will support their carreer development plus the organization.
  2. From the qualitative report the company recognized 3 large area of need and opportunitity. They contracted vendors and a University to offer classes and technology needs to many of the staff.
  3. Having a process to see Strengths, Needs, Opportunities, Improvements, and Exceptions that was known by most people created a shared language for change and learning within the company.

Using the NOISE analysis skill and talent development template will help you and your team improve performance and retention of talent to keep you and your organization innovative.

DOWNLOAD the NOISE skill and talent analysis template