Using – How we do things around here – to develop your team

Using – How we do things around here – to develop your team In your work with teams, you have heard the term start with why. This – why am I here?  or why are you here or why does this team exist? – is often the first step in team performance and leadership. In the – 7 Steps to high performing … Continued

Active learning makes teams better

“One of the best ways to improve the quality of teamwork, the researchers found, was to incorporate active involvement into team-building exercises. For organizations, this means that interventions that utilize interactivity and active learning are likely to be more effective than lectures or other forms of passive instruction.”  – How To Build A Better Team? … Continued

How Teams Work When Team Members get Difficult

Even on teams that are performing well, one or more members may become disruptive to the team’s progress…or just make being on the team an unpleasant experience.

As team leaders & team members having some techniques and preparation of how to create a system that will ameliorate this will place the team back on the path toward success, while the team member feels respected and part of the team.