Complexity of the Work and the Person

Figure out what is needed & what success looks like in the role. Only then can you ask the proper questions to find the person to fill that role.
Too many organizations & managers get it wrong. They look for the person, assuming that they will “fit-into” the role or even worse that they have the “potential to grow into the role”.

Culture Surveys Do Not and Cannot Measure Culture

Trying to work with the existing culture in a co-evolution organical process may allow the people within the culture to change their current behaviors and understand that their expertise is what allowed the change to happen. For this cooperation and trust attracting systems must be used.

Make learning easier

Making the learning easier will be speed up change. Being observant of how people react to change and constantly looking for how they cooperate will amplify each persons motivation to change. The key to making this happen is by keeping the change and learning open to how people learn best.

Managerial-Leadership Case Study Employee Engagement Requires the Necessary Resources

To complete work the employee must have the appropriate resources. This does not mean that a manager needs to supply all the resources that employees desire, but it does mean that the manager should supply employees with sufficient resources. Resources can include materials, consultants, training, staff, etc.; without the proper resources frustration will occur and this frustration leads to disengaged employees.