Enhance Change and Organization Development: 6 Methods for Success

Discover six effective methods to drive successful change and organization development. Learn how thought-provoking questions, extrospection, diverse change tools, persuasion skills, visual representation of change, and sustainability feedback mechanisms can enhance your change processes.

Webinar Making change through your habits

It is not a question of what changes will occur, but when they will happen. Progress and change are what leaders do, develop a change practice today.

Solution-focused framework for change

“I do not believe that change needs a robust and compelling vision because I do not think that most change efforts have an idea of the endpoint or view until they get there. Also, when you have that clarity of vision it is no longer a change effort it is a project to accomplish someone’s … Continued

Personal Accountability to Change Within a Team

One problem with team-building assessments is that most data gathering and evaluation questions are passive. It seems as if team building happens to people, as opposed to people being active players in their work lives. Working with a Managing Partner in a law firm, he shared his frustration like this, “We work hard to make … Continued