Corporate Team Building Podcast

Mike Cardus speaks with Phil Brown of High 5 Adventure. We discuss team building & facilitation with corporate teams, & team performance.

Diverse Perspectives Create a Richer Leadership Dialog

The Leadership Dialogue this morning was exceptional! Your facilitation of the process and the group dynamics were spot on given the diversity of the group. I am so pleased with the results and I wanted to express my gratitude for your attentiveness. The feedback has been wonderful! – Francisco Vasquez – President / CEO – Child & Family Services

Planning Can be Great

End of the year and my calendar is filling with Strategic Planning Facilitation and meetings. Where Managers, Employees, Team-Members, Entire Companies trap people in a room and look back at the magic that was last year and project the WOW! of the up-coming year.

Team Assessment Questions

Teams are made of people, NOT the other way around, and Great Teams are able to increase their leverage of work. An amazing thing happens psychologically when we are on a work team that clicks, that is connected, that flows. To people outside the team work looks easy. All of this Team Process and Skills takes work and that one asshole who joins the team can throw everything off.

An object’s internal properties determine the possibilities of its combination with other objects

1.The world is everything that is the case.     2.What is the case, the fact, is the existence of atomic facts.     3.The logical picture of the facts is the thought.     4.The thought is the significant proposition.     5.Propositions are truth-functions of elementary propositions.         (An elementary proposition is a truth function of itself.)     6.The general form of … Continued

3 most important qualities of a good facilitator?

On facebook my friend Aileen Hood asked what I feel the 3 most important qualities of a good facilitator are. Here is the response; 1) Listening beyond the point of agreement 2) Continual learning in field and outside of field then trying pragmatic applications with groups and self. 3) Having a mentor/friend that constantly challenges … Continued

Using Activities to Build Teams works when framed correctly

Purchase the E-Book: How to Lead Awesome Team-Building Programs Did you ever wonder “How does one lead AWESOME team-building programs? Programs that ensure that content and learning take place. A teambuilding program that is fun, and teams leave better than when they arrived?” Now you can find out; In this 55 page E-book you will … Continued

Team Building Active Processing

Story Line: An active processing activity Following team building initiatives, the learning comes from the processing.  Here is an active processing activity that I have found successful.  Materials: 3 to 5 feet lengths of rope (1 rope for every 2 people) If you do not have ropes, I have asked participants to draw lines in … Continued

Team Building Success

Do you want your team building program to be a success? While many factors play a part in creating a successful meeting, off-site and team training program – here are four ways that work for organizations team success. 1. Full understanding why they are there. It is imperative for the team to be knowledgeable of … Continued