Psychological Safety is Team Building

The team leader is accountable for establishing comfort with the work and team members. They can establish this early by setting the following conditions for team members to feel comfort in the work and reciprocal helping relationship of the team.

Role of a team leader involves 3 kinds of activities

When the 3 conditions above are present the chances are good that a team will perform its work well and build the competence of the team to achieve high performance, contributing to the well being of the team members and organization.

Accountability and authority become unbalanced

Knowing the teams context, boundaries and having skilled-knowledge to determine where, is best along the Manager———Team authority continuum will assist teams in achieving high performance.

3 Reasons Your Team Behaves Like Jerks

A team-member without a clear understanding of accountability and authority within the team will have to be skilled at either persuading, forcing or bullying other team-members into working along to accomplish the goals.

How Teams Work is your data persuasive

Getting buy-in on your team project and task from those who you do not directly manage can prove challenging. Here are 5 areas to check your data against for persuasiveness.

How Teams Work Influence Strategies

Within teams, in order to complete your tasks, you have to depend upon many people whom you do not have direct authority over to supply you with information needed to complete your work on time, in budget and quality specifications.

How Teams Work When Team Members get Difficult

Even on teams that are performing well, one or more members may become disruptive to the team’s progress…or just make being on the team an unpleasant experience.

As team leaders & team members having some techniques and preparation of how to create a system that will ameliorate this will place the team back on the path toward success, while the team member feels respected and part of the team.

TeamWork requires different leadership goals

Routine team work may just need to get accomplished quickly & be done.
Innovative or complex team work may require learning & risk that creates variations from normal work routines.