TeamWork requires different leadership goals

Routine team work may just need to get accomplished quickly & be done.
Innovative or complex team work may require learning & risk that creates variations from normal work routines.

Mike Cardus Team Building and Leadership in Kuwait

It was a great 2 days of consulting & team development, plus being in the Middle East was an amazing experience. The team leaders & managers of Zain Telecommunications impressed me with their knowledge, ability to find connections of the team building with their work, plus ability to laugh while taking themselves seriously.

High Performance Teams Have a Team Coach

For teams to reach high performance many areas of support can be helpful. I’m leading a series of learning session on the role of a Team Coach.

Common Team Problems and When to Worry

Knowing if the problem is worth the effort & if the intervention may enlarge the problem requires skilled-knowledge. Skilled-Knowledge of when a team problem is just part of the teams development or it will affect performance.