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Common Team Problems and When to Worry

Knowing if the problem is worth the effort & if the intervention may enlarge the problem requires skilled-knowledge. Skilled-Knowledge of when a team problem is just part of the teams development or it will affect performance.

Praise for High Performance Team Building Workshops

We had a GREAT time completing the 2nd offering of the High Performance Team Building Certificate Class – offered through the University at Buffalo School of Social Work Continuing Education Department.

Steps to High Performance Teams

For managers, team leaders and team members to accomplish team goals a model that is visual and prescriptive is needed. Allowing everyone to see where the team currently is, what to do next, and what to do if the team becomes stuck.

Behavior Precedes Your Story of Work, Teams and Leadership

Suggesting that he should act ‘As-If’ his work life was organized, his executive team made better decisions quicker and his team achieved what we defined as high-performance. This was more than a thought exercise, it was time for this executive to actually behave As-If.

Trust and Accountability within Teams Workshop Notes

Team Building and Leadership notes and slides from a kick-off meeting with a management team. Focus on increasing Trust (within departments and between departments); Accountability (determining where accountability belongs and creating a culture of that is accountable); Working within the Matrix (using the teams existing knowledge and know-how to improve their existing work and to offer input to the Management team on how to improve their work)