Process to gather what is and is not working within the organization

Within organization development the more straightforward and understandable the tool or process the more likely it will make a difference. This simpler the tool the greater the requirement of the consultant or expert to suppress themselves and expertise. When you remove the translator (the expert) from the results and ask people to gather narrative data … Continued

Strategic Planning More than SWOT’ing at hopes

There is nothing wrong with just doing a SWOT… The concern is that without some of the above information you are making strategy based upon limited knowledge and understanding. With limited knowledge and understanding you may miss or not be able to capture opportunities when they present themselves.

Culture Surveys Do Not and Cannot Measure Culture

Trying to work with the existing culture in a co-evolution organical process may allow the people within the culture to change their current behaviors and understand that their expertise is what allowed the change to happen. For this cooperation and trust attracting systems must be used.

The NOISE Analysis: An Alternative to SWOT Strategic Planning

When planning determining what we want to have happen and understanding the road-blocks are necessary. Developing knowledge plus skills to navigate the plan, allows us to choose focus points and what to eliminate. The NOISE analysis is a planning technique of looking at what is working good enough and determining areas to improve upon. It gives us a format to explore opportunities and exceptions that we may know about or be missing and determine if they are a needed part of the plan for our future. When we understand the NOISE conditions, we can create a path towards the future that allows the company or team or project to flourish.